Ben King

Founding Partner


Ben King is an RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) nationally certified and NC state licensed interpreter with 30 years professional experience and a lifetime of personal knowledge. Having Deaf parents, American Sign Language is his native language, which gives him a deep understanding of the language, its nuances, and expressions; this also gives him the ability to comfortably work within a wide breadth of range, including minimal language skills through the professional level. 


Ben has worked in varied venues such as legal/courtroom, high tech corporate trainings, political candidate platform presentations, televised government addresses, medical, mental health, and education. 

Kendra King

Founding Partner

Kendra King is an NC state licensed and EIPA certified (Educational Interpreters Proficiency Assessment) with 30 year of professional interpreting experience.

Kendra has worked in varied venues such as educational (Pre-K - University), government agencies, medical (including child birth, emergency, vision, and dental), mental health, community services, and high tech services, workshops, and corporate trainings. 

Office : 919.229.8448

Mobile : 919.649.9570
Email :

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